Sri Raghuvarya Theertharu

Sri Raghuvarya Theertha took Ashrama from Sri Raghunatha Theertha. He is guru of the great Sri Raghottama Theertha. He comes in the lineage of Uttaradhi mutt.

Poorvashrama Name : Sri Ramachandra Shastri
Ashrama Guru : Sri Raghunatha Theertha
Ashrama Shishya : Sri Raghottama Theertha
Aradhana : Jeshta Krishna Truteeya
Period : 1502-1557

Not much of his purvashrama is known but it is believed that he belong to close circles in the samsthana. Due to pressing situation during the time in Uttaradhi mutt, the saints used to carry Pooja box on their shoulders whenever they were on pilgrimage tour. During one such tour, swamiji reached one village called Shashana near Bhima River, which was under the rule of Muslim king. The king planned to steal property and other valuables from the mutt. Knowing this, swamiji took all the idols on his shoulders and tried to escape through Bhima River. He prayed lord to pave way and accordingly the river gave him the way. Swamiji along with sishyas escaped and reached other side of the river. The king’s soldiers followed swamiji but died in the river.

Sri Raghuvarya Theertha continued his tour towards Rameswaram and visited one village. In that village there was childless couple. Knowing the arrival of swamiji, the couple met swamiji and requested him to bless with child. Swamiji blessed them with condition that first child be given to mutt and remaining can be kept with them for which they agreed. Later the couple gave birth to male child and as promised they handed over the boy to mutt. The mutt took care of the boy, performed Upanayana. Later the boy was given Ashrama and renamed as Raghottama Theertha. After handing over the samsthana to Raghottama Theertha, sri Raghuvarya Theertha reached the adobe of Hari near tungabhadra river.

ಮಹಾಪ್ರವಾಹಿನೀ ಭೀಮಾ ಯಸ್ಯ ಮಾರ್ಗಮದಾನ್ಮುದಾ
ರಘುವರ್ಯೋ ಮುದಂ ದದ್ಯಾತ್ಕಾಮಿತಾರ್ಥಪ್ರದಾಯಕಃ

మహాప్రవాహినీ భీమా యస్య మార్గమదాన్ముదా
రఘువర్యో ముదం దద్యాత్కామితార్థప్రదాయకః

mahApravAhinI bhImA yasya mArgamadAnmudA
raghuvaryO mudaM dadyAtkAmitArthapradAyakaH

*- Note: There are differences in the periods, more research is needed.

Source: Uttaradhi mutt sampradaya paddathi, Guru Parampare by Krishna Kolhar Kulkarni, and other sources etc.


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