Sri Madhwamrutha


Sri Madhwamrutha

Mission and Vision:

Madhwamrutha is the knowledge based site through which we are catering you the well written articles on Vyasa sahitya, Dasa sahitya and information on miracles happened during greatest of great saints of Madhwa paramapare (these articles will be posted on individual saints aradhana days).

In Madhwamrutha site you can have the complete genealogy of all the Madhwa mutts descended directly from Srimadananda Teertharu.  For Dharmic(religious) activities you will find articles on daily rituals like Sandhyavandane and deva Pooja paddhati which will help us to  follow the minimal rituals a madhwa should carry out every day.

A major component of this site is Stree Dharma (in accordance with our madhwa Shastra) which is the most essential part of every female’s day to day life. Also you will get regular updates on activities happening around us in day to day basis. In Madhwamrutha the articles on puranas and greatest moral boosting incidents will be shared along with the audio clips if available.

Madhwmutha requests all its pious members to taste the amrutha and spread it among all the madhwas and sajjanas.