Sri Satyaparayana Theertharu

Sri Satyaparayana Theertha took Ashrama from Sri Satyasantushta Theertha. He comes in the lineage of Uttaradhi mutt.

Poorvashrama Name          : Sri Gururajacharya
Ashrama Guru                    : Sri Satyasantushta Theertha
Ashrama Shishya                : Sri Satyakama Theertha
Aradhana                          : Asweeja Shudha Saptami
Vrundavana                       : Santebidanur


Sri Satyaparayana Theertha was porvashrama’s grandson of Satyasandha Theertha. Sri Satyaparayana Theertha was a nitya Ramopasaka in his Poorvashrama. He used to perform Sri Rama Pooja daily and also believed in the infinite good qualities of Sri Rama with unshakable faith. Because of this only Sri Satyasantushta Theertha ordained sanyasa on him and made him as his successor. He was very good scholar and wrote many works, some of them are;

Sri Satyaparayana Theertharu

  1. Sri Rama Shabdhartha which has been subdivided as
    a. Ashthothara Rathnamala – (108 meanings)
    b. Sri Rama Shabdhartha Rathnashtakam – (8 meanings)
    c. Chaturvimshati Rathnaani – (24 meanings)
    d. Saptha Rathnaani – (7 meanings)
    e. Shat Rathnani – (6 meanings)
    f. Dwatrimshadratana Malika – (32 meanings)
    2. Sri Valmiki Ramyana Baalakhanda Vyakhyana
    3. Sri Vamana Shabda Nakshatra Malike
    4. Bilva Mangala Sudha Vyakhyana,
    5. Jayanthi Kalpa Vyakhye,
    6. Sri Rama Shabdhartha Gharbhita Any Bhashya Vivaranam.

The above works are masterpieces and a great blessing for any student in Vedanta.

In his Poorvashrama days, Sri Satyaparayana Theertha (Sri Gururajacharya) worked as a Tahasildar. This had made him a good administrator and was having the knowledge of all the official intricacies. Hence after taking over as the Peetadhipathi of Uttaradi Mutt, his main duty was to acquire the finances and get the Mutt in the strong position financially. During His immediate takeover of the Mutt administration, the entire jewelry and other properties of the mutt that was mortgaged with the lenders were to be released somehow and his experience in administration helped him to get all this released and above all improve the financial stability of the mutt. He brought a rule that the rich pundits and other well-off devotees need to give away their two months salary as part of the Pada Pooja and Bhiksha arrangements. The amount that was received as part of this was used to release the mutt’s properties from the moneylenders.


Sri Satyaparayana Theertha took extensive pilgrimage tour all over. He visited many places like Sangli, Kolhapur, Gaya etc. He ruled the Peeta for about 16 years. He later gave Ashrama to Pacchapura Srinivasacharya and named him as Sri Satyakama Theertha. He entered Vrundavana at Santebidanur.


సత్యసంతుష్టవారాశేః జాతః సత్యపరాయణః
చింతామణిః సదాభూయాత్ సతాం చింతిత సిద్ధయే

ಸತ್ಯಸಂತುಷ್ಟವಾರಾಶೇಃ ಜಾತಃ ಸತ್ಯಪರಾಯಣಃ
ಚಿಂತಾಮಣಿಃ ಸದಾಭೂಯಾತ್ ಸತಾಂ ಚಿಂತಿತ ಸಿದ್ಧಯೇ

satyasaMtuShTavArASEH jAtaH satyaparAyaNaH
ciMtAmaNiH sadAbhUyAt satAM ciMtita siddhayE


Source: Uttaradhi mutt website, Guru Parampare by Krishna Kolhar Kulkarni, and other sources etc.


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