Gothra – Pravara

Gothra – Pravara
In Hindu tradition we introduce ourself to elderly person by telling our Gothra, Pravara, Sutra &
Shaake by reciting
ಚತುತ್ಸಾಸ್ಗರ ಪಯರ್0ತಮ್ ಗೋ ಬಾರ್ಹಮ್ಣೇಭಯ್: ಶುಭ0ಭವತು __________________ ತರ್ಯಾಋಷಯ / ಪ0ಚಾಋಷಯ ಪರ್ವರಾನಿವ್ತ
______________ ಗೋತರ್: _______________ ಸೂತರ್: ______________ ಶಾಖಾಧಾಯ್ಯಿ ___________ ಅಹ0ಬೊ ಅಭಿವಾದಯೇತ್
“Chatusaagara paryantam go‐bhramahmanebhyaha Shubam bavatu Pravara Rishi’s, traiyarishaya or
Pancharishaya , pravaranvita Name of gothra Rishi Gothraha, Name of Sutra Sutraha, Name of veda
Shaake Shaakadyayi, your name sharman ahembho abhivadayet”.
This is also recite during our daily sandhyavandane. This sentence gives many information related to
the person who recites it.This is the system developed and followed to identity a person and his
origin, tribe, values, sampradaya’s & his daily rituals. Each person gets this identity through
upanayana samskara. This identity is protected throughout his life and passed on to his next
generation son’s to son’s. Reason for such a practice is to ensure that Knowledge that ancestor
Rishi’s discovered is orally passed on to respective linage & it is protected.
Gothra is the name of the rishi who is referred as moola purusha of the genealogical linage a person
belongs. This is a unique practice in Hindu tradition to keep the genealogical order and recognize
relations of a person with it origin. This identifies a person to which tribe he belong to & what
traditions he follows and what his family values from origin. Some Gotha names for e.g Kashyapa,
Bharadvaja, Goutama, Jamadagni etc.
Pravara is the names of great Rishi’s who are belong to that linage or tribe. These persons are
famous due to contributions to the mankind and also passed on the traditions & values to that
linage. Usually they belong to the same family or sometimes other than blood relations when a Rishi
learnt in other gurukula’s and become famous then his name would be included in other pravaras.
Sutra / Shastra is the set of rules which a person follows in his day to day activities,(Nitya, Naimittika
karma’s) Yagana’s, yaga’s and samskara’s etc in his whole life. Sutras are named after by its creator
of such sutra’s e.g Aapastambha, Ashwalayana …etc. There are many sutras in practice and each
sutra is defined to a specific branch of Veda.


Shaake refers to a branch of veda which a person or his family responsible to learn and
protect and pass onto next generation. In olden ages Veda’s were only learnt through oral tradition
Shruthi & Smriti (Listening & memorizing). This technique is unique method adopted by our Rishi’s to
protect Knowledge of Veda’s. As researchers say the veda’s are still in the same form as it was
originally found by Rishi’s thousands of year ago. No other literature in the world has lived so long
without changing its forms. There are basically 4 major Shaka’s of veda’s as categorized by Rishi
Vedavyasa and are named Rigveda,Yajurveda, Samaveda & Atharvaveda. Yajurveda is further
become Krishna Yajurveda & Shukla Yajurveda. Over a period of time each of the veda’s developed
many Branches as it reaches various geography and generations.
Hence through combination of Veda Shake, Sutra, Pravara & Gothra identity is known in the society.
This is the most ancient, scientific and proven method to identification of a person his, tribe,
traditions & values and much more.
Gothra Rishi’s :
Rishi means Jnani or source of Knowledge.
Seven ancient Rishi, known as Sapta Rishi’s are considered as Moola purushas of First manvantara,
namely Bhrigu, Angirasa, Marichi, Atri, Pulaha, Pulastya & Vashistha.
Kashyapa, Atri, Bharadvaja, Goutama, Vishwamitra, Jamadagni, & Vassishta are reffered as sapta
Rishi’s of current manvantara & known as Gotra Pravartaka’s
Gothras become very important parameters while deciding marriage matches, It is said that bride
and bridegrooms are from different gothra’s due to the fact that they share the same family relation
with origin if it is same gothra (Same Gothra marriages are generally not done)
Apart from marriages Gothras are extensively used in many rituals & practices in our society


Tenets of Madhwa Shastra

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  1. Parsa Venkata Ramachander Rao says:

    I am looking for the names of Saptharishis for Kasyapasa Gothram, ( my gothram ) to recite my daily pravara. We follow Krishna Yajur Veda and belong to Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh. We are generally known as aaruvela niyyogi smartha brahamins.
    Kindly help me.

  2. venkatesh says:

    Codification of Hindu Law done by /during the regime of JAWAHARLALNEHRU has taken the gravity of the issue of SAGOTRA Marriages, in the Hindu Law as it is to day, but Dharma Sastra stands. interested persons may see un amended Hindu law and the present version to know more.

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