Stree Dharma

Stree Dharma

Shrimadananda teertharu  has composed 37 granthas  which are famously known as “”of which sadaachara muktaavaLi is one which every madhwa household should have. Basically Sadachara Smruti teaches us about how to perform our day-today activities. How we should follow and practice our dharma and rituals. It’s like a ready reckoner for people like us. It teaches us about what to do from the time we awake to the time we sleep.

Stree is very important part of the family. She not only does Uddhara of the family where she takes birth but also does uddhara of the family where she goes into or married into. Without here there is no further addition to the family tree. She is the main pillar for Dharma to prevail. Without her co-operation and co-ordination dharma will not prevail.  Women are therefore referred in Vedic parlance as “Dharma patni.

In sadaachara smruti, our acharyaru dictates these pointers to women:

  1. Wake up before brahmi muhurta (or as early as possible)
  2. Do your daily ablutions.
  3. Sweep the rooms, do Thali-Rangoli .
  4. Take bath doing snaana sankalpa. Apply gopi chandana, , gadha mudri kunkuma in tilaka (Urdhwa prunda) form.
  5. Do guru mantra/ Krishna japa if you are ordained to do so thinking of appropriate anusandaana that lord Narayana is Supreme of all caregivers.
  6. Keep the pooja saamagri ready for the person who does pooja daily at home.
  7. Cook for everyone in the family.
  8. Be cheerful at all times and manage the household in such a way that nothing goes wrong in the house.
  9. Pay proper attention to guests and visitors coming to the house.
  10. Be charitable, take care of poor and sick people.

Let us all practice these pointers in our day to day life and gain the blessings of  sri madhwacharyaru and shri hari.

Source: Sadaachara Muktaavali


Tenets of Madhwa Shastra

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