List of 64 Arts (Kalas)

1 Geeta “Singing” Deep Knowledge of the 7 ‘ svaras ‘— shadja, rishabha, gandhara, etc., according  Sutra
2 Vaadya Playing on musical Instruments (58 musical instruments beginning with sankha, sringa, sringika, peya, etc)
3 Nritya Dancing  ( 32 modes or forms of dancing)
4 Aalehkya Drawing pitcures
5 Vishshaka chedyam Designing different shapes of thilaka to wear on forehead
6 Tandula kusuma balivikaara Desining & decorating pooja place with variety  of Rice & flower (Mandala rachane)
7 Pushpastarana Decorating home/ Room with flowers
8 Dashanavasanaagaraaga Painting on Cloths,body & teeths
9 ManiBhumikaa karma Designing & making making dolls and decorating with jewels
10 Shayana rachana Designing / Making bed or Sleeping furnitures
11 Udakavaadya Playing with water filled vessels to generate different musical notes (Jalataranga)
12 Udakaa Ghaata Strking water so as to mae it go in different ways by Jalastambha (Suspending the properties of water)
13 Chitraaschya yoga with the use of Herbs,medicine & Mantra’s converting a healthy person to a weak, unhealthy, grey hair & mad persons(making indreya’s niskriya)
14 Maalya grantana vikalpa designing & making different flower garland
15 Shekarakaa peeda yoojana Decorating head in diffeerent styles & wearing mukuta’s
16 Neepatya prayoga Dressing to be in disguise & dressing others to make disguise
17 Karnapatra Bhanga Designing & making ear rings from different materials (Danta, gold…etc)
18 Gandhayukti Preparing variety of very good perfumes (Suganda dravya)
19 Bhushana yojana Designing, making & wearing of variety ornaments
20 Aindrajaalaa yoga Creating magic (Create illusion of gods, Snakes, soldiers,army..etc)
21 Kouchumaara yoga Treating weks person to become Healthy strong & Fertile person
22 HastalaaGavam Skillful in using hands & fingers in any work  or stealing things under the eys of its owner
23 Vichitra Shaakayuusha, Bhaksya vikaara kriya Preparing or making variety of  dishes (Food) using vegitables
24 Paanaka rasa raagaasava yogana Prepating / making variety of drinks & juices
25 Soochivaana karma Fashion Designing / trailoring / Stitching (Sweeing, Embroydery, weaving..etc)
26 Sootra Kreeda Playing with thread (Making lines to drawing objects) & moving poppets to move with threads
27 Veena Damaruka vaadya Playing Veena / Tantivadya & Damaruka / Charma vadyas
28 Prakeelika Playing puzzles, Riddiles, reading between lines (Vogatugalu or gaadegalu)
29 Pratimaala Antakshari play with sloka’s
30 Durvachaka yoga Kind of playing with difficult words for arguments  in games
31 Pustaka vaachana Books reading
32 NaatakaaKyayikaa darshana Knowledge of acting (drama) & stories
33 Kaavyasamasyaa poorana making a meaningfull poem with a given scattered word of a shloka
34 Pattikaa veetravvana vikalpa Designing & making differernt furnichers using bamboos
35 Taksha karma Designing & Carving on gold, iron, wood etc
36 Takshana Carpentery
37 Vaastu vidya knowledge of building architectures & construction science (place, structure, materials.locations, directions etc)
38 Roopya ratna pariksha Knowledge of testing/examining  gems,pearls & coins
39 Dhaatu vaada Knowledge of mixtures of minealras / ores & purifying …(Metallurgy)
40 Manir raaga kaara gynana Knowledge of gems, pearls with the colors & groups in mines
41 Vurkshaayurveda yoga Knowledge of growing deseas free thick, short , long plants & trees with special methods
42 Mesha-Kukkuta-Laavakayudda vidi Preparing & coaching Aries (Tagaru) , Cocks, Lavaka for fights
43 shukasaarika pralaapana Teaching or making  both gender parrots to speak
44 Utsaadana, samvaahan, Keshavardana koushala Knowledge of Massagining body & head with hands & Legs
45 Akshara mustikaa katana knowledge of understanding meaning of a word series
46 MleChita vikalpa Knowledge of secrate/coded words in different language
47 Desha Bhaasha vignyana Knowledge of different regional Languages
48 Pushpa shakatikaa Designing different variety of carts & vimanaas using flowers (Horse,elephant, carts)
49 Nimitta Gynana Knowledge of shuba & Ashuba shakuna’s. Time (Jyothisha)
50 Yantra Maatruka Knowledge of designing & making of Water transportation, war machines & other machines
51 Dharana Matruka Knowledge of memorising subjects or also knowledge of holding things in hand (Ashtaavadhana, Shataavadhana)
52 Sampaatyaa Kind of play where repeating unknown Poems / shlokas recited by other person
53 Maanasi Knowing what is in others minds , or Kind of play of words with proper puncuations & creating meaningful sentences
54 Kaavya Kriya Poem writing (Shringaara kavya rachana)
55 Abhidhana koosha Chhando vignyana Knowledge of Shabda kosha (Dictionary), Ekaakshara kosha & Channdassu shastras(Meter)
56 Kriya Gnyana Knowledge of planning an event
57 Chalitaka yoga Method of winning in gambling through confusing or decieving
58 Vastra gopana Art of looking elegant with wearing short dresses
59 Dyoota vishesha Knowledge of different gambling games
60 Aakarshaka kreeda Stambhikarana, Vasheekarana, Aakarshana, Entering into some others body
61 Balakrida Knowledge of  children games  (ball, Dolls etc)
62 Vainakeeya vidya gynana Knowledge of transporting oneself instantly to desired destination e.g  jalaplavana or Paadukaa siddi
63 Vaijayekeeya vidya gnyana Knowledge of winning over opponents in any situation
64 Vyayamikeeya vidya gnayana knowledge of bodyposters (Asanasa’s,Yogasana’s)



Tenets of Madhwa Shastra

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    Excellent information on auspicious day.

  1. June 29, 2016

    […] It was very widely known that Sri VijayIndra tIrtha had learnt the 64 arts from Sri vyAsa tIrtha and mastered them. This fact acted as a magnet to people from different walks of life like painters, sculptors, musicians, dancers, weavers, potters, and so on. Some came to show their expertise to Sri VijayIndra tIrtha and earn his blessings and patronage. Others came to challenge him in their respective arts and prove their superiority. No matter what the original intention was, people always returned with awe and wonder in their heart after personally witnessing his mastery over their specific area of expertise. The reference book “Ajaya VijayIndraru” provides many illustrations of such contests. To know about the 64 vidyas “click here” […]

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