Sri Susheelendra Theertharu

Sri Susheelendra Theertha considered as the doyen of madhwa samaja & source of madhwa siddantha beginning of 20th century. He played a very important role in creating roadmap for dwaitha siddantha during 20th century & beyond by doing jnana prachara (Spreading knowledge) by many folds. He Started publishing many Madhwa siddantha scripts through journals, magazines & teaching number of high quality students who became scholars in later period. He also strived very hard to create a unity among all the madhwa linages and also with other section of Hindu community including Advaitha & Vishitadvaitha etc. Some brief life history of Sri Susheelendra Thirtaru captured below.

Period –  1912-1926

Poorvashrama Name –  Sri Krishnacharya

Ashrama Guru –  Sri Sukruteendra Theertha

Ashrama Shishya — Sri Suvrateendra Theertha

Aradhana                     –  Ashada Shudha Tadiya  

Vrundavana Place    –  Hosaritti


Sri Krishnacharya was the Poorvashrama younger brother of Sri Sukruteendra Theertha belong to Shastika Begamudre manatana. He did his initial education under Sri Suprajnendra Theertha. Later  with Huli Hanumantacharya and did his higher education on Dwaitha Philosophy under Sri Sukruteendra Theertha. After his education Krishnacharya took initiative to invite scholars of different schools (Dwaitha, Adviatha, Visisthavaitha) & facilitate high quality debates / discussion on  various philosophical topics. This gathering become the talk of the town in scholars. Later Sri Sukruteedra theertha named it as “Srimath Sameera Samaya Samvardhini Sabha”. This Sabha was very successful & recognized by scholars of Mysore kings & it became a massive assembly of scholars of all schools. The scholars were honoured greatly by the mutt & assisted them for their further education through mutt libraries & facilities. During this period he got in contact with all legendary scholars of those days & every one respected Sri krishnacharya with heavenly.


Seeing his passion & recognizing his spiritual leadership Sri Sukruteendra Theertha gave ashrama to Sri Krishnacharya & named him as Sri Susheelendra Theertha. He became 34th saint from Sri Madhwacharya in his direct linage.

Sri Susheelendra Theerthara Paduke

Sri Susheelendra Theerthara Paduke


During initial days of his ashrama he extensively toured most places around northern Karnataka & Tamilnadu to integrate madhwa people & ignite the madhwa philoshophy which was declining during this period.


After adorned in the seat of samstana his spiritual brilliance reached highest peak. He was a legend in the divine world. The encouragement, respect & support to scholars by swamiji after he attained sanyasa was extraordinary. He became known for his generosity. In the very second year of his sanyasa the swamiji had a conference of a very large number of scholars at Nanjangud the head quarter of Sri Madhwacharya moola samstana. It was a milestone achievement, that a large number of scholars gathered at palace comprised from different sects advocating their philosophies. The debates that ensued excellent exchange of viewpoints & conclusions, swamiji himself over seeing the arrangements of the sabha honoured the scholars with huge rewards & recognitions, the manner of serving dainties and delicacies of every description. This brought about an everlasting fame for the swamiji and the Mutt as well. Such conferences under the aegis of Srimath Sameera Samaya Samvardhini Sabha became regular annual events.


Swamiji’s genius and interest were multifaceted. Apart from being a pioneer of such meticulously organised massive assemblies, he was instrumental in making way for achieving many milestones. He made a very beautiful golden Mantap and worshipped Moolarama in that.


Sri Vibudhapriya Theertha of Adamar Mutt was in charge of the affairs of Krishna Mutt at Udupi. He too was a great scholar. Known for his ingenuity. Vibudhapriya who had heard of the fame of Susheelendra Theertha invited him to Udupi. Accepting this invitation, the swamiji went to Udupi. Vibudhapriya Theertha had made excellent arrangements to receive the swamiji. The swamiji was taken in procession seated in a bedecked palanquin from the outskirts of the town. This two mile long procession was very astonishing for the citizens of Udupi.


As the procession neared the Krishna temple, the swamiji alighted from the palanquin. Vibudhapriya received the swamiji holding his hand warmly. He exchanged greetings and enquiries. It reminded of the meeting of Vadiraja and Vijayeendra Theertha in the past. The swamiji had Dhoolidarshan of Udupi Lord Krishna and offered rupees seven thousand to the deity.


To commemorate his visit, the swamiji next day installed the Vrundavana of Sri Gururaja at the Mutt at the same place which was gifted by Sri Vadirajaru to Sri Vijayeendra Theertha.It is in the same place Sri Rayaru stayed when he visited Udupi & created many granthas & Sri Krishna idol.  The glory of installation of this Vrundavana exactly opposite to the idol of Lord Krishna was extraordinary. In the history of the Mutt this is an unprecedented event and a service of exceptional kind that the swamiji did to Sri Gururaja. Lord Krishna must have been greatly pleased to have the most devoted seated in front offering his worship forever. That was why the Lord too looked more glorious that day than ever.


The swamijis of other Ashta Mutts had the Padapooja of the swamiji performed. The swamiji proceeded to North Karnataka after doing the system of rituals and daily worship of Sri Gururaja at Mantralaya.


Through his scholarship & authority on the subjects Sri Susheelendra Theertha was well respected by all section of the madhwa & other mutts. He initiated publishing of many philosophical works from mutt & this is the first in its kind during that days. He thought many students & they become high quality scholars, among them are Ritti Dheerendracharya, Durgam Bheemacharya, H N Raghavendracharya,  Saahukar Narasimhacharya, Raja Srinivasamurthyacharya, Chandur Govinda Krishnacharya, Goudagere venkataramanacharya (who wrote “Chandrika Prakasha Prasara” on the instructions swamiji to refute mahamahopadyaya Ananthakrishna Shastri’s khandana on Sri Vyasarajaru “Chandrika grantha).Later that spiritual wisdom passed on by Chandur Acharya & Goudagere acharya to many of his students including  Doddaballapuram Vasudevacharya, Sethumadhavacharya( Sri Satyadhayana Theertha), etc. Thus Sri Sheelendra Theertha foresee needs of 20th century and created solid base for  spreading spiritual light for future generations. It reminds us the great work done by Sri Vibhudendra theertha centuries ago. There were no scholars of that time who are not influenced by swamiji’s spiritual leadership.


Sri Susheelendra Theertha through his brilliant spiritual leadership developed very good rapport with all his contemporaries which include Sri Vidyaratnakara Theertha, Sri Vidya varidhi Theertha of Sri Vyasaraja mutt, all Asta mutt swamijis of udupi, Sri Medhanidhi theerhta of Sripadaraja mutt.Sri Satyadhayana thirta of uttaradi mutt & they had a very cordial relationship. Legend says that the Later used to approach his senior contemporary Sri Susheelendra Theerthata to solve many complicated spiritual / philosophical questions. Sri Susheelendra Theertha & Sri Satyadhyana Theertha have together done their samstana pooja at Bellary Sri Satyanarayana temple, when later helped Sri Satyadhayana thirta to solve restrictions for movement around that place.


Thus the entire life of swamiji lasted as an occasion of great festivity. When swamiji was touring Hubli region, he was slightly indisposed. Immediately he hurried to the village Ritti, the abode of Dheerendra Theertha, where he sent for his confidant and the Dewan of the Mutt Huli Krishnacharya and bestowed sanyasa on him and named him “Suvrateendra Theertha”. On the third day of Ashada Shudha in Akshaya Samvatsara, he reached the Lotus feet of Lord Krishna.


There are many stotras made by various scholars on Sri Susheelendra Theertha, some including

  1. Sri Susheelendra mangala ratnamala – Composed by Sri Raja Gururajacharya
  2. Sri Susheelendra Stotram  – Archaka Vedavyasacharya
  3. Srimatsuheelendra Stutimala – Srinivasabhatta
  4. Srimatsuheelndra thirta yativarya navaratnamala – Phadesagooru Venkobhacharya
  5. Sri Susheelendra Vijaya Kavya – Vidwan Nanjundaswamy


ಸುಧಾದ್ಯಮಲಸದ್ಬೋಧಂ ಸುಕೀರ್ತಿವಿಲಸದ್ದಿಶಂ
ಸುಧೀಸಂಸ್ತುತ್ಯಸುಗುಣಂ ಸುಶೀಲೇಂದ್ರ ಗುರುಂ ಭಜೇ

సుధాద్యమలసద్బోధం సుకీర్తివిలసద్దిశం
సుధీసంస్తుత్యసుగుణం సుశీలేంద్ర గురుం భజే

sudhAdyamalasadbOdhaM sukIrtivilasaddiSaM
sudhIsaMstutyasuguNaM suSIlEMdra guruM bhajE



Tenets of Madhwa Shastra

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